Square on the Screen

My First HomeScreen on my Galaxy S. I had been wanting to do this one since a long time. This Idea actually came from Facebook… Seeing the way the Profile picture lay over the Cover Photo.

ADW Launcher
Dock Disabled
9×9 Grid


Now is Awesome and It shall always be

More than a month ago I posted the first “How to be happy” article. That post focused on discarding unhappiness and then being happy. Today’s post is about becoming happy and getting a little bit of peace in your mind when you have no troubles around.

So, I had a not-so-eventful 5 days by seeing  myself graduate into Grade 12 this week. The weekdays went by, by counting down to the weekend. And my Saturday wasn’t that bad either.

I woke up late this morning at 9:00 AM. And I felt “different”. There were no troubles troubling me. And nothing specifically happy.

I spent the late-morning and the early-afternoon doing some school stuff . And at 3:00, I wanted to sing or dance or just sit under the tree. I wanted to make myself happy from “neutral”

What I did…[And what you can do to make yourself happy]

  1. Listen to the songs which let your body sleep, but still lets some energy flow through you. For me it is 80’s Soft Rock.
  2. Go to a place where your mind can rest in peace or make your living room to your liking. I did the second. I made my house cool. The windows open. The fans switched on. The green plants nearby.
  3. Be ready for anything. Think of the impossible.
  4. Keep smiling. And never get angry. Just enjoy every jiffy of life.
  5. And finally, tell yourself  “Now is Awesome and It shall always be”

That is it. Being happy is mainly a reincarnation of the reassurance of the existence of happiness. You just have to see the bright side of life.

So…Now is Awesome and It shall always be…

The 4 Types of Friends

Who is a friend?

Is it the one guy you met once at a bus stop and spent a good 5-minutes with?  Or is it the waitress at the restaurant you go to everyday and with whom you talk about everyday things? Or is it your High-school best friend whom you last met 5 years ago, but speak deep, personal things every occasionally?

In this new “seemingly tiny” world of over 8 billion unique personalities, there are various definitions for a friend. And I have mine too…

A friend is one whom you trust.

The 4 types of friends:

  1. Best Friends or “Friends of the Heart”

    These are the ones who know you as much as you know yourself or even more than you know yourself. It is with these people that you wish to share every aspect of your life. When you are in dire need of help, they will come to your aid unless they are held back my stronger forces.
  2. Daily Business Friends or “Friends of Brain and Body”

    These are the ones you meet every bow and then. And share with then the joys and pains of daily life. They are there for you now and they love you now. But, they wont necessarily be there for you when you are in need and they will definitely not be with you forever.
  3. Best Person for the Occasion or “Faraway Friends”

    These are the ones whom you love more than Daily Business Friend but they don’t know you as much as Best Friends. You meet them once in a while, as if it were your duty. You talk about life and feelings with understand but nothing matters of them later.
  4. One-Sided Friend

    These people are only half your friends. You see them, you like them and you wish that they were your friend. And for your part you are their friend. But they know you only as an acquaintance.

There is no defined method for making friends. We just have to talk and spend time and we’ll soon become friends.

All you can do is choose a person and consider that person to be your friend and if your heart is true to itself than, that person will  soon be your friend.

4 Ways to Be Happy. (Or to discard Unhappiness)

Happiness is one thing which all of us want. It is that abstract feeling [in its most awesome form]  that makes us feel that Life is “Heaven on Earth”.

I believe that happiness is one nice feeling which surpasses all other positive feelings in frequency of occurrence. This is because after any feeling [positive feeling] you get, like satisfaction of doing something, surprise of getting a gift, pride of having something etc. all lead to happiness.

Happiness is wonderful. It gets your mind rid of all unpleasantness and [sometimes] your body rid of diseases.

For some time now, I have been using an altered version of American Sitcom How I met Your Mother’s character Barney Stinson’s famous dialogue “When I get Sick, I stop being sick and Be Awesome Instead”

And I said “When I get sad, I stop being sad and be happy instead” 🙂 🙂 🙂

What to do to be happy [or to get rid of sadness]

  1. Think Positively
    This is the best and the second most effective method of being Happy.Think positively and optimistically and look at the bright side of life. If the bright side isn’t bright enough then look at the brighter side.

    Think of things which make you glow and shine. Think of what you want life to be and not of what life is not.

  1. Talk, Interact and keep yourself busy.Talking and interacting with people you like to talk to will bring the nicer side of life up.  And if not interact, and then keep yourself busy with one or the other thing.  Doing something will keep your mind away from factors which turn your mind down.

    This combined with the 1st method is a freakishly strong Happy-becoming method.

  1. Reflection and Meditation
    This is the hardest and yet the most effective method to bring happiness to your life.Sit in silence, alone and think. Think to tackle the force which disrupts the flow of happiness. And introspect and learn. When you catch that force, think of how to throw it down and what to do to bring true happiness to your life.

    This is one thing which will give you real happiness. With real hard work comes equally real success.

  2. Let Time play its role.
    If your happiness is being disrupted, then wait. Time can heal any pain. Nothing is permanent.
    This is the slowest and easiest way to lose sadness and [probably] gain Happiness.

So understand the importance of happiness and be happy. [By basking in the sunshine of the following statement]

There are only two sides of life. The Bright Side and the Brighter Side.

-Salmaaan Shah

The Ball which lost a “Bit”

On the previous Friday, I met this wonderful, delightful woman who told me this interesting little tale. It was a little story about a ball which went rolling down the hill and crashed and lost a bit. I thought to share this with all of you, so here goes.

Once upon a time, in some interesting galaxy where balls [spheres] have life and can make friends , lived a little ball named Rolly.
Just like all young balls of his age, Rolly loved to roll down mountains, jump into gardens and chase squirrels and travel across grasslands at high speeds. He did live a very happy life with all his friends. Smally, Chasely, Crazly, Roundly, Speedly and others.

It once happened that Rolly was out adventuring with his friends on the mountains. In the evening, after all his friends went home eastwards, Rolly went rolling down the mountain westwards to his home. Midway through the fast, long roll, the sun blinded upon his eyes glaring him a little bit. He could not see where he was going and he crashed into a big hard rock.

Rolly crashed and broke into two. One big, major portion of himself and another tiny, little piece. This tiny little piece bounced away into the vast jungle far below.

Rolly was all right except that he could not travel with speed because his broken body restricted movement. Rolly decided to search the jungle for his little lost bit. That night after dinner he set out to search for it.

He searched for a few hours and he got nothing except some random “bits” which were not his and did not fit into him. For days and days, Rolly hopefully searched the jungle floor but to no gain. He camped under trees and beside flowers. He took long baths in the streams and he got hope by the sun tingling his shiny skin. He told the flowers, the trees, the streams and everybody he met his problems. They helped him along his way.

He eventually made friends with them and he spoke to them about all tiny things of life. He started to enjoy the wind moving past him, the sun prickling his skin, the sweet speech of flowers and stones and cats and dogs, the movement of water around him when he is in water. He started to enjoy all tiny small things of life.

2 weeks later, he found his bit. He fixed it in on him. It fit perfectly. He was happy and satisfied. He again rolled fast and became himself.

But as he was rolling back home, Rolly thought to himself “It is weird how these little things of life and nature made my 3 weeks happy in the jungle”. He then realized that while moving fast, he had not paid attention to all these little things of life.

Thinking thus, he broke the little bit off himself and moved off again enjoying all the little things of life. He went on to discover happiness and to become Rolly, Happiness on Balls

Thus ends the tale of the Little Ball who lost a little Bit.

What I want all of us to learn from this is that, we in our lives might not be perfect and most probably are not perfect. But we too like Rolly the ball, should let go off the “lost bit” and play our role on earth enjoying all the little things in life. We eventually will become perfect, perhaps not in the way others wanted us to be, but Perfect in the way which happiness brought to us.

So folks….Enjoy all little things in life.

3 Reasons we should start doing our prayers

In this 21st century, half of us doubt the existence of god. And the other half of us know that God is the greatest power which ever was, which is and which will ever be. And out of this number, how many of us actually do our prayers.


Whichever religion you follow, or even if you do not follow any religion it is quite often that all of us blame some or the other form of supernatural being or power for the good and the bad things going on on earth. That super power is termed as God.


Most often Prayers consist of the following sub parts:

  • Requests and Wishes
  • Repentance and Seeking forgiveness
  • thanks


But these are not necessarily parts of a prayer. A prayer is basically whatever you want it to be. It can be just calm silence or concentrated meditation or giving thanks or some/all of the above. The only rule is that it should be done with calmness and concentration.


3 reasons you should start doing your prayers.

  1. Brings our ego down to an appropriate level
    In our daily, busy life, most of us don’t have time for any calmness or silence. Just reflecting and introspecting, followed by giving thanks to the rest of the world would do us a great deal of good by bringing down our ego to an appropriate level.
  2. Will eventually bring us Enlightenment
    Praying to what we believe to be the most supreme power in the universe can help us to understand ourselves and the world much better. Praying can include introspection, reflection and meditation which will bring us understanding and one final day – Enlightenment.
  3. Its common courtesy towards God
    Praying to God and thanking him for everything we have and all the luck we have is a gesture that we do respect [If not fear] God. 

These are just 3 of the many number of reasons why we should do our prayers. 
If you do have any reasons, why we have to do our prayers, then please comment.


Get Enlightened!





A short post on Determination

There are a number of “things” in this world which drives a being to success or to glory. Hunger, curiosity, love, respect, greed, sadism, dutifulness to name a few are different forces which drive a being to success. This is the fuel for us. But what is the thing which keeps the fuel burning? Determination.

Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek.

Mario Andretti

Determination is the matchstick which fires up the fuel, which brings the heat to our needs and which keeps us running.

Determination is the key to success. It is strong will power characterized by unwavering concentration, ever increasing longing and discontinuous effort to achieve one’s goal.

Determination is not like will power. Determination can be seen. Will Power is not always seen. It can be for the good or for the bad, but is always seen.

To achieve something, one needs the fire in his belly. And cannot achieve much without it. You can only start the fire by wanting more, by counting your failures, by not being disheartened by failure and be inspired by anything and everything.

When you get the fire burning, there is only one extinguisher and it is hopelessness. So make sure you are not losing hopes. A person without hope is like life without colour.

So Dream Well, Aim higher, and have strong hopes so that your determination does not fade.

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