How Google gave me Confidence

In the late 1910s when Mahatma Gandhi was travelling across India to talk to people and understand the true effects of the British Rule, he realized what the Indian people really needed. They needed Freedom. Freedom not from the British, but from Fear. But of course one would lead to the other.

I think in its purest form, Freedom from Fear is the real freedom. It enables the practice of freethought. And let’s an individual express himself completely. I do not what is the truth. But, I believe that, to really use Freedom we need something else. And that is Confidence.

When you want to do something and want to feel confident about doing it, you need 2 things:

  1. Information and Knowledge
  2. Positive Feedback

I think its quite obvious how Google helps with information and Knowledge. The internet has information created by millions of users. There’s Wikipedia…… ehow… and lots more. Google let’s us find what we want. Easily. The internet also gave us another good thing. Online Forums and Social Networks. This brings the feedback we need. The nicest thing about the internet is that you rarely ever get negative feedback, unless you specifically search for it.

Yes, the internet powers all of this. But if not for Google, most of the internet would be lost to us. So that is how Google gave me Confidence.

I’ve grown up with the Google (and the Internet). To me Google is like that super-smart uncle which I never had.

Probably in the future, someday, the internet will turn out to be like the air. Its always there. But you can’t feel it. You need it and you probably won’t survive without it. You’ll know that it was there, only when it isn’t there anymore. Its truly a boon and a curse.

That fact led me to think of something. Its just a half baked theory. In today’s digital world, probably, the only things you’ll need for doing anything you want is

  1. Internet and
  2. Intelligence

People will refute that. Its just a half baked theory. My father once told me that to to attain success and to be able to do what you want, a person needs one thing more then anything else. The blessings and goodwill of other people.

That’s more likely true…..



I found this wallpaper on FiftyFootShadows. I’ve used Segoe WP Light for the Minimalistic Text. And for the “Pull” too.


The icons are MinimalRounds by xNiikk.


A Day with My Dad’s Note


3 Reasons we should start doing our prayers

In this 21st century, half of us doubt the existence of god. And the other half of us know that God is the greatest power which ever was, which is and which will ever be. And out of this number, how many of us actually do our prayers.


Whichever religion you follow, or even if you do not follow any religion it is quite often that all of us blame some or the other form of supernatural being or power for the good and the bad things going on on earth. That super power is termed as God.


Most often Prayers consist of the following sub parts:

  • Requests and Wishes
  • Repentance and Seeking forgiveness
  • thanks


But these are not necessarily parts of a prayer. A prayer is basically whatever you want it to be. It can be just calm silence or concentrated meditation or giving thanks or some/all of the above. The only rule is that it should be done with calmness and concentration.


3 reasons you should start doing your prayers.

  1. Brings our ego down to an appropriate level
    In our daily, busy life, most of us don’t have time for any calmness or silence. Just reflecting and introspecting, followed by giving thanks to the rest of the world would do us a great deal of good by bringing down our ego to an appropriate level.
  2. Will eventually bring us Enlightenment
    Praying to what we believe to be the most supreme power in the universe can help us to understand ourselves and the world much better. Praying can include introspection, reflection and meditation which will bring us understanding and one final day – Enlightenment.
  3. Its common courtesy towards God
    Praying to God and thanking him for everything we have and all the luck we have is a gesture that we do respect [If not fear] God. 

These are just 3 of the many number of reasons why we should do our prayers. 
If you do have any reasons, why we have to do our prayers, then please comment.


Get Enlightened!





A short post on Determination

There are a number of “things” in this world which drives a being to success or to glory. Hunger, curiosity, love, respect, greed, sadism, dutifulness to name a few are different forces which drive a being to success. This is the fuel for us. But what is the thing which keeps the fuel burning? Determination.

Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek.

Mario Andretti

Determination is the matchstick which fires up the fuel, which brings the heat to our needs and which keeps us running.

Determination is the key to success. It is strong will power characterized by unwavering concentration, ever increasing longing and discontinuous effort to achieve one’s goal.

Determination is not like will power. Determination can be seen. Will Power is not always seen. It can be for the good or for the bad, but is always seen.

To achieve something, one needs the fire in his belly. And cannot achieve much without it. You can only start the fire by wanting more, by counting your failures, by not being disheartened by failure and be inspired by anything and everything.

When you get the fire burning, there is only one extinguisher and it is hopelessness. So make sure you are not losing hopes. A person without hope is like life without colour.

So Dream Well, Aim higher, and have strong hopes so that your determination does not fade.

Lessons from Inception

This July, Christopher Nolan blew our minds out with his Science Fiction film, Inception. He might have blown you out of your minds in July, but I was mind-blown only in September. [when I first watched it]

To those who have not yet watched Inception, This post contains spoilers. Please watch the film before continuing.
Inception is a film about Dom Cobb, a professional information extractor who extracts information from people’s minds when they are asleep through Lucid Dreaming. He is hired by Saito, a businessman to implant an idea in Robert Fischer’s mind. Robert Fischer is the son of Saito’s competitor Maurice Fischer. Dom Cobb and his team are within the mind of Robert Fischer to convince him to break his father’s business.
What do we learn?
  1. Starting from an Idea
    There might be hundreds of things that we can learn from Inception, but what we learn first is the fact which makes Inception so mind-blowingly elegant in its complexity.

    It is that Inception was born from one single idea. One single idea of “dreams within dreams” brought us a whole 150 minutes of inspired brilliancy.

    We have to know that “Ideas are the beginning points of all fortunes.” Everything in this world began from an Idea. It was one great idea of striking two stones against each other to make fire. It was one great idea to give inflatable tires to a tricycle. [John Boyd Dunlop]

    Building something from a single idea is not an easy task. It requires high  levels of concentration and continuous brainstorming.

    An idea can start off only in a place where logic and science has no play. That is your Sub-consciousness. There are three levels of consciousness the first of which is your Sub-Consciousness. This is where you dream and this is where physical, real-life awareness is very dim. It is here where you can make ideas. These raw ideas can be unrealistic and may seem alien. But by building upon these ideas, you can recreate reality. 


  2. Postponing Problems
    In Inception, Dom Cobb buries his problems and regrets deep within his sub-consciousness. This was not  very good for him as his problems resurfaced and caused him personal harm. [Mal sabotaging many of his missions]

    If you have a problem or any sort of social, mental or any type of disturbance, Just face it. By postponing it or by hiding it, you are just giving yourself more peace now so that you are destroyed in the future.

Inception was one great movie and there is yet a lot to learn from it. But remember
  • Buy using proper techniques one can turn a small idea into a greater reality.
  • Face problems now. Don’t let them grow and don’t let them pop up at you at unexpected times

Thats all for now.

The Life Book: A description.

Back in March, I had written posted an article about an awe-tical tool I use called “The Life Book” [You can see it here]. But that was not enough.

So, What is the Life Book?
The Life Book is just a simple book, or you can say, a manual that contains every single detail which is important in your life. Your Life Book can contain a variety of information starting from your Dreams and aspirations and all the way right down to details about your favourite pair of socks. The Life Book is just like a diary except that it is much more organized.

Why do we need a Life Book?

Having and maintaining a Life Book can be highly rewarding. It helps you to become a master of your life, having full control over mind and body. It constantly reminds you about your dreams and goals. About your duties and disciplines.

The Life Book will enable you to handle data more effectively and be much more organized. The brain might forget what it wants but the Life Book will remind your brain of what it need.

How should the Life Book be?
Back in December 2009, when I first got the idea for the Life Book, I brought a ITC Classmate Spiral-bound “Open Happiness” Notebook. This was what I first used. And this is what the earliest users of the Life Book used too. But, I found that using a notebook was not very organized, so I went for a 5-Subject notebook with soft covers. This had only 5 sections. I needed many more Sections and I needed Sub-sections also. It was then, when I thought about using the Microsoft Office OneNote software. And since March 2010, I have been using One Note.

But, actually you can keep it in whatever way you want , either in Physical or Digital format.

I recommend that you use Microsoft OneNote for its easy editing features, but you can use a hard copy too. You can customize and decorate your hard copy how you want. But the OneNote software is only a data holder.

What can the different sections be Sections?
Your Life Book can have as many as sections as you like. But what builds the basic foundation of The Life Book are the following sections [You can name them how you want]

  • Goal/Purpose of your Life
  • Big Lifetime goals for your life
  • Lessons you have learnt in your life
  • Very, Very, Very interesting people/places/things/anything from which/whom you can change your life.
  • Short term development and project goals.
  • Your personal rulebook
  • Your different mood settings and how you should behave in those times

Now, Go make your Life Book and

  1. Update your Life Book frequently with ideas, goals, information etc.
  2. Refer and Read it every now and then.
  3. Always have a second copy safe.


Now friends, let your Life Book be your teacher, your friend, your master your saviour and most importantly, let it be YOU.

Hail The Life Book! 


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