Loved that photo which I found on Flickr.  Just a pair of screens to complement its beauty.


Making it Metro

Oh that’s a Galaxy SII… But I used only my Galaxy S. Inspiration from the Pictures hub in WP7.

The Sitcom Screen

With three of the funniest characters from the world of Sitcoms. Its just three screens. Each with icons relating to its character.

Sheldon’s got Beakers, Nuclear Energy and a Battery.
Charlie has Glasses and Girls. [ If you zoom in on the image, you see a little search bar at the bottom]
Barney has an iPhone, a chick [for contacts] and a icon called blog for messaging.

All icons from The Noun Project

Square on the Screen

My First HomeScreen on my Galaxy S. I had been wanting to do this one since a long time. This Idea actually came from Facebook… Seeing the way the Profile picture lay over the Cover Photo.

ADW Launcher
Dock Disabled
9×9 Grid

The 4 Types of Friends

Who is a friend?

Is it the one guy you met once at a bus stop and spent a good 5-minutes with?  Or is it the waitress at the restaurant you go to everyday and with whom you talk about everyday things? Or is it your High-school best friend whom you last met 5 years ago, but speak deep, personal things every occasionally?

In this new “seemingly tiny” world of over 8 billion unique personalities, there are various definitions for a friend. And I have mine too…

A friend is one whom you trust.

The 4 types of friends:

  1. Best Friends or “Friends of the Heart”

    These are the ones who know you as much as you know yourself or even more than you know yourself. It is with these people that you wish to share every aspect of your life. When you are in dire need of help, they will come to your aid unless they are held back my stronger forces.
  2. Daily Business Friends or “Friends of Brain and Body”

    These are the ones you meet every bow and then. And share with then the joys and pains of daily life. They are there for you now and they love you now. But, they wont necessarily be there for you when you are in need and they will definitely not be with you forever.
  3. Best Person for the Occasion or “Faraway Friends”

    These are the ones whom you love more than Daily Business Friend but they don’t know you as much as Best Friends. You meet them once in a while, as if it were your duty. You talk about life and feelings with understand but nothing matters of them later.
  4. One-Sided Friend

    These people are only half your friends. You see them, you like them and you wish that they were your friend. And for your part you are their friend. But they know you only as an acquaintance.

There is no defined method for making friends. We just have to talk and spend time and we’ll soon become friends.

All you can do is choose a person and consider that person to be your friend and if your heart is true to itself than, that person will  soon be your friend.

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