How Google gave me Confidence

In the late 1910s when Mahatma Gandhi was travelling across India to talk to people and understand the true effects of the British Rule, he realized what the Indian people really needed. They needed Freedom. Freedom not from the British, but from Fear. But of course one would lead to the other.

I think in its purest form, Freedom from Fear is the real freedom. It enables the practice of freethought. And let’s an individual express himself completely. I do not what is the truth. But, I believe that, to really use Freedom we need something else. And that is Confidence.

When you want to do something and want to feel confident about doing it, you need 2 things:

  1. Information and Knowledge
  2. Positive Feedback

I think its quite obvious how Google helps with information and Knowledge. The internet has information created by millions of users. There’s Wikipedia…… ehow… and lots more. Google let’s us find what we want. Easily. The internet also gave us another good thing. Online Forums and Social Networks. This brings the feedback we need. The nicest thing about the internet is that you rarely ever get negative feedback, unless you specifically search for it.

Yes, the internet powers all of this. But if not for Google, most of the internet would be lost to us. So that is how Google gave me Confidence.

I’ve grown up with the Google (and the Internet). To me Google is like that super-smart uncle which I never had.

Probably in the future, someday, the internet will turn out to be like the air. Its always there. But you can’t feel it. You need it and you probably won’t survive without it. You’ll know that it was there, only when it isn’t there anymore. Its truly a boon and a curse.

That fact led me to think of something. Its just a half baked theory. In today’s digital world, probably, the only things you’ll need for doing anything you want is

  1. Internet and
  2. Intelligence

People will refute that. Its just a half baked theory. My father once told me that to to attain success and to be able to do what you want, a person needs one thing more then anything else. The blessings and goodwill of other people.

That’s more likely true…..


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