Now is Awesome and It shall always be

More than a month ago I posted the first “How to be happy” article. That post focused on discarding unhappiness and then being happy. Today’s post is about becoming happy and getting a little bit of peace in your mind when you have no troubles around.

So, I had a not-so-eventful 5 days by seeing  myself graduate into Grade 12 this week. The weekdays went by, by counting down to the weekend. And my Saturday wasn’t that bad either.

I woke up late this morning at 9:00 AM. And I felt “different”. There were no troubles troubling me. And nothing specifically happy.

I spent the late-morning and the early-afternoon doing some school stuff . And at 3:00, I wanted to sing or dance or just sit under the tree. I wanted to make myself happy from “neutral”

What I did…[And what you can do to make yourself happy]

  1. Listen to the songs which let your body sleep, but still lets some energy flow through you. For me it is 80’s Soft Rock.
  2. Go to a place where your mind can rest in peace or make your living room to your liking. I did the second. I made my house cool. The windows open. The fans switched on. The green plants nearby.
  3. Be ready for anything. Think of the impossible.
  4. Keep smiling. And never get angry. Just enjoy every jiffy of life.
  5. And finally, tell yourself  “Now is Awesome and It shall always be”

That is it. Being happy is mainly a reincarnation of the reassurance of the existence of happiness. You just have to see the bright side of life.

So…Now is Awesome and It shall always be…


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