4 Ways to Be Happy. (Or to discard Unhappiness)

Happiness is one thing which all of us want. It is that abstract feeling [in its most awesome form]  that makes us feel that Life is “Heaven on Earth”.

I believe that happiness is one nice feeling which surpasses all other positive feelings in frequency of occurrence. This is because after any feeling [positive feeling] you get, like satisfaction of doing something, surprise of getting a gift, pride of having something etc. all lead to happiness.

Happiness is wonderful. It gets your mind rid of all unpleasantness and [sometimes] your body rid of diseases.

For some time now, I have been using an altered version of American Sitcom How I met Your Mother’s character Barney Stinson’s famous dialogue “When I get Sick, I stop being sick and Be Awesome Instead”

And I said “When I get sad, I stop being sad and be happy instead” 🙂 🙂 🙂

What to do to be happy [or to get rid of sadness]

  1. Think Positively
    This is the best and the second most effective method of being Happy.Think positively and optimistically and look at the bright side of life. If the bright side isn’t bright enough then look at the brighter side.

    Think of things which make you glow and shine. Think of what you want life to be and not of what life is not.

  1. Talk, Interact and keep yourself busy.Talking and interacting with people you like to talk to will bring the nicer side of life up.  And if not interact, and then keep yourself busy with one or the other thing.  Doing something will keep your mind away from factors which turn your mind down.

    This combined with the 1st method is a freakishly strong Happy-becoming method.

  1. Reflection and Meditation
    This is the hardest and yet the most effective method to bring happiness to your life.Sit in silence, alone and think. Think to tackle the force which disrupts the flow of happiness. And introspect and learn. When you catch that force, think of how to throw it down and what to do to bring true happiness to your life.

    This is one thing which will give you real happiness. With real hard work comes equally real success.

  2. Let Time play its role.
    If your happiness is being disrupted, then wait. Time can heal any pain. Nothing is permanent.
    This is the slowest and easiest way to lose sadness and [probably] gain Happiness.

So understand the importance of happiness and be happy. [By basking in the sunshine of the following statement]

There are only two sides of life. The Bright Side and the Brighter Side.

-Salmaaan Shah


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