The Ball which lost a “Bit”

On the previous Friday, I met this wonderful, delightful woman who told me this interesting little tale. It was a little story about a ball which went rolling down the hill and crashed and lost a bit. I thought to share this with all of you, so here goes.

Once upon a time, in some interesting galaxy where balls [spheres] have life and can make friends , lived a little ball named Rolly.
Just like all young balls of his age, Rolly loved to roll down mountains, jump into gardens and chase squirrels and travel across grasslands at high speeds. He did live a very happy life with all his friends. Smally, Chasely, Crazly, Roundly, Speedly and others.

It once happened that Rolly was out adventuring with his friends on the mountains. In the evening, after all his friends went home eastwards, Rolly went rolling down the mountain westwards to his home. Midway through the fast, long roll, the sun blinded upon his eyes glaring him a little bit. He could not see where he was going and he crashed into a big hard rock.

Rolly crashed and broke into two. One big, major portion of himself and another tiny, little piece. This tiny little piece bounced away into the vast jungle far below.

Rolly was all right except that he could not travel with speed because his broken body restricted movement. Rolly decided to search the jungle for his little lost bit. That night after dinner he set out to search for it.

He searched for a few hours and he got nothing except some random “bits” which were not his and did not fit into him. For days and days, Rolly hopefully searched the jungle floor but to no gain. He camped under trees and beside flowers. He took long baths in the streams and he got hope by the sun tingling his shiny skin. He told the flowers, the trees, the streams and everybody he met his problems. They helped him along his way.

He eventually made friends with them and he spoke to them about all tiny things of life. He started to enjoy the wind moving past him, the sun prickling his skin, the sweet speech of flowers and stones and cats and dogs, the movement of water around him when he is in water. He started to enjoy all tiny small things of life.

2 weeks later, he found his bit. He fixed it in on him. It fit perfectly. He was happy and satisfied. He again rolled fast and became himself.

But as he was rolling back home, Rolly thought to himself “It is weird how these little things of life and nature made my 3 weeks happy in the jungle”. He then realized that while moving fast, he had not paid attention to all these little things of life.

Thinking thus, he broke the little bit off himself and moved off again enjoying all the little things of life. He went on to discover happiness and to become Rolly, Happiness on Balls

Thus ends the tale of the Little Ball who lost a little Bit.

What I want all of us to learn from this is that, we in our lives might not be perfect and most probably are not perfect. But we too like Rolly the ball, should let go off the “lost bit” and play our role on earth enjoying all the little things in life. We eventually will become perfect, perhaps not in the way others wanted us to be, but Perfect in the way which happiness brought to us.

So folks….Enjoy all little things in life.


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