3 Reasons we should start doing our prayers

In this 21st century, half of us doubt the existence of god. And the other half of us know that God is the greatest power which ever was, which is and which will ever be. And out of this number, how many of us actually do our prayers.


Whichever religion you follow, or even if you do not follow any religion it is quite often that all of us blame some or the other form of supernatural being or power for the good and the bad things going on on earth. That super power is termed as God.


Most often Prayers consist of the following sub parts:

  • Requests and Wishes
  • Repentance and Seeking forgiveness
  • thanks


But these are not necessarily parts of a prayer. A prayer is basically whatever you want it to be. It can be just calm silence or concentrated meditation or giving thanks or some/all of the above. The only rule is that it should be done with calmness and concentration.


3 reasons you should start doing your prayers.

  1. Brings our ego down to an appropriate level
    In our daily, busy life, most of us don’t have time for any calmness or silence. Just reflecting and introspecting, followed by giving thanks to the rest of the world would do us a great deal of good by bringing down our ego to an appropriate level.
  2. Will eventually bring us Enlightenment
    Praying to what we believe to be the most supreme power in the universe can help us to understand ourselves and the world much better. Praying can include introspection, reflection and meditation which will bring us understanding and one final day – Enlightenment.
  3. Its common courtesy towards God
    Praying to God and thanking him for everything we have and all the luck we have is a gesture that we do respect [If not fear] God. 

These are just 3 of the many number of reasons why we should do our prayers. 
If you do have any reasons, why we have to do our prayers, then please comment.


Get Enlightened!






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