Lessons from Inception

This July, Christopher Nolan blew our minds out with his Science Fiction film, Inception. He might have blown you out of your minds in July, but I was mind-blown only in September. [when I first watched it]

To those who have not yet watched Inception, This post contains spoilers. Please watch the film before continuing.
Inception is a film about Dom Cobb, a professional information extractor who extracts information from people’s minds when they are asleep through Lucid Dreaming. He is hired by Saito, a businessman to implant an idea in Robert Fischer’s mind. Robert Fischer is the son of Saito’s competitor Maurice Fischer. Dom Cobb and his team are within the mind of Robert Fischer to convince him to break his father’s business.
What do we learn?
  1. Starting from an Idea
    There might be hundreds of things that we can learn from Inception, but what we learn first is the fact which makes Inception so mind-blowingly elegant in its complexity.

    It is that Inception was born from one single idea. One single idea of “dreams within dreams” brought us a whole 150 minutes of inspired brilliancy.

    We have to know that “Ideas are the beginning points of all fortunes.” Everything in this world began from an Idea. It was one great idea of striking two stones against each other to make fire. It was one great idea to give inflatable tires to a tricycle. [John Boyd Dunlop]

    Building something from a single idea is not an easy task. It requires high  levels of concentration and continuous brainstorming.

    An idea can start off only in a place where logic and science has no play. That is your Sub-consciousness. There are three levels of consciousness the first of which is your Sub-Consciousness. This is where you dream and this is where physical, real-life awareness is very dim. It is here where you can make ideas. These raw ideas can be unrealistic and may seem alien. But by building upon these ideas, you can recreate reality. 


  2. Postponing Problems
    In Inception, Dom Cobb buries his problems and regrets deep within his sub-consciousness. This was not  very good for him as his problems resurfaced and caused him personal harm. [Mal sabotaging many of his missions]

    If you have a problem or any sort of social, mental or any type of disturbance, Just face it. By postponing it or by hiding it, you are just giving yourself more peace now so that you are destroyed in the future.

Inception was one great movie and there is yet a lot to learn from it. But remember
  • Buy using proper techniques one can turn a small idea into a greater reality.
  • Face problems now. Don’t let them grow and don’t let them pop up at you at unexpected times

Thats all for now.

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