The Life Book: A description.

Back in March, I had written posted an article about an awe-tical tool I use called “The Life Book” [You can see it here]. But that was not enough.

So, What is the Life Book?
The Life Book is just a simple book, or you can say, a manual that contains every single detail which is important in your life. Your Life Book can contain a variety of information starting from your Dreams and aspirations and all the way right down to details about your favourite pair of socks. The Life Book is just like a diary except that it is much more organized.

Why do we need a Life Book?

Having and maintaining a Life Book can be highly rewarding. It helps you to become a master of your life, having full control over mind and body. It constantly reminds you about your dreams and goals. About your duties and disciplines.

The Life Book will enable you to handle data more effectively and be much more organized. The brain might forget what it wants but the Life Book will remind your brain of what it need.

How should the Life Book be?
Back in December 2009, when I first got the idea for the Life Book, I brought a ITC Classmate Spiral-bound “Open Happiness” Notebook. This was what I first used. And this is what the earliest users of the Life Book used too. But, I found that using a notebook was not very organized, so I went for a 5-Subject notebook with soft covers. This had only 5 sections. I needed many more Sections and I needed Sub-sections also. It was then, when I thought about using the Microsoft Office OneNote software. And since March 2010, I have been using One Note.

But, actually you can keep it in whatever way you want , either in Physical or Digital format.

I recommend that you use Microsoft OneNote for its easy editing features, but you can use a hard copy too. You can customize and decorate your hard copy how you want. But the OneNote software is only a data holder.

What can the different sections be Sections?
Your Life Book can have as many as sections as you like. But what builds the basic foundation of The Life Book are the following sections [You can name them how you want]

  • Goal/Purpose of your Life
  • Big Lifetime goals for your life
  • Lessons you have learnt in your life
  • Very, Very, Very interesting people/places/things/anything from which/whom you can change your life.
  • Short term development and project goals.
  • Your personal rulebook
  • Your different mood settings and how you should behave in those times

Now, Go make your Life Book and

  1. Update your Life Book frequently with ideas, goals, information etc.
  2. Refer and Read it every now and then.
  3. Always have a second copy safe.


Now friends, let your Life Book be your teacher, your friend, your master your saviour and most importantly, let it be YOU.

Hail The Life Book! 



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