Goals and Dreams. Why and How

Why to keep Goals for the future.
Many people in the world have dreams and aspirations. We think about the future and dream but most dreams are left unfulfilled. 
Dreams, aspirations and Goals are made from the basic universal bond – Love.
People dream about the things they love. They want their future to be made up of the things they can’t live without now. And the things which they don’t have, but they love. Dreams and Goals are the basic, foundational structure of a bright, loveable future.
Different people have different goals[That is quite obvious.] And also different types of people have different types of goals.
When people ask me what my goal in life is, I say “My answer might depend on what you define goal as” . Well, this is only since this January. Before that I just said stuff like “I want to become a film maker”
But No. “I want to become a film maker”, “I want to be a doctor” , “I want to live happily” are not replies to that question.  An apt answer to that question should be something more specific and more well-defined. 
My real goal actually is “To be a man of honour and great respect.” Examples of such men in the real world are really few, like,
  • My father,
  • Osama Bin Laden,
  • Any Gangster or as I say “Rowdy” ,
  • King Akbar,
  • Jesus PBUH,
  • Muhammad PBUH etc.
But when I give an example I speak about the great man “Thirupathi” from 2001, Tamil, family-drama movie, Aanandham.
Living a meaning less life is truly sad and people who live a meaning less life are often criticized. Living without a goal is like “Thinking of the trouble only when the trouble  troubles you”
 Now, let me get to the point. Why do we have to set goals.
  1. So that we can decide what is important for us to achieve in our life.
  1. To separate what is important and what is distractive in our life.
  2. To motivate ourselves to become who we were supposed to become.
  3. To learn from failures.
  4. And most importantly, to build our self-confidence by successfully achieving our goals.
These are the top five reasons for why we have to make goals.

How to set effective goals.
  • Goals should be specific, attainable, relevant and should be time-bounded.
  • Write down your goals. [One of the many 100 uses of The Life Book] Writing down goals helps to solidify them and helps you to review them.
  • For the larger, complex goals, Start with a complex goal and break it up into performance goals.
  • Goals should be realistic. That is they should be achievable.
  • Goals should always be positive.
Not making goals is one of the most common flaws of the modern youth.  As told in my blog post in July “Making well-defined goals” is one of the defining attributes of a successful person.
That is all for now.

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