Personality and Career

I am only 15 and I just finished high school. There is this one thing which is poking me at the back of my head, though I rarely realize that it is there. It is the question of what I will do when I grow up.

So, this afternoon I came online and google-ed various things and I came to this.

Don’t just choose a profession on whether you like it. There are a limited number of professions out there for your personality. 

There are various personality type and personality trait theories. Out of my ramblings over various websites and books. I came down to two Personality type/trait theory related websites which offer to test your personality with a quiz and then tell you which careers suit you.

So these are the two.

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
    4 questions, 8 factors, 16 Personality types and a few career fields can give your required answer(s)
    Click here to take the test.
  • Holland Codes
    Around 100 different traits, 6 Personality types and 6 Career fields.
    Click here to take the test.  
I prefer the second one out of the two, because it tells you which field you can choose.
So, soon then…

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