The Third Law

I guess I have not written about awesomeness in quite some time.
So, let me give out the basics again.
People who have a goal in life always desire for one thing that is Absolute Awesomeness. 

“Awesome” is that state of any entity, so that it creates a feeling of wonder and fear, more commonly known as awe, in any other entity

“Absolutity” or “Absolute Awesomeness” is that state of awesomeness which instigates the maximum amount of awe possible also known as 100 Oohs. 

SI Unit for Awesomeness: Ooh

Definition : 1 Ooh is the value of awesomeness hundred times of which is the maximum value of awesome any human being can become.

Origin of the SI Unit :  The constant scream of Ooooohs by the feminine variety of the human beings species [Homo Sapiens] when she happens upon any entity, which may or may not contain a special privilege of being able to live life, but still withholds a rare gift of being able to be awesome. 

World Governing Body for Awesomeness : World Awesomeness Representatives

Head Quarters for the World Awesomeness Representatives [WAR] : Unknown

The WAR helps the people of the Earth to lead a nice, enjoyable, meaningful and awesome life. Their only mean of conveyance to the outside world is through me.
So now you recall what this all is about….
Now the First two Zikruwartian laws of Awesomeness.
  • “When an actor exerts a certain amount of awesome Oohs on reality, a reactor exerts the same amount of reality unto Awesomeness, which thereby brings a heightened possibility of a blissful eventuality of a 100 Awesome Oohs by helping to blend the awesomeness and reality into one and the other double fold”
  • ………………………i.e. The Newton-Awe Variant Law

  • “The perfect brew for 100 Oohs is the combination of 10 drops each of 100% Social Compatibility Solution, Above 125 IQ Solution, 100% Perfection of Action Solution and Salmonella’s Good Looks Solution.”……………………………………The Ooh Brew Law
So these are the first and second laws of awesomeness.
Factors affecting Awesomeness 
The Good ones are :
• Socio-compatibility Quotient
• Intelligence Quotient
• Perfection of Action Ratio
• Good Looks Ratio
The Bad ones are :
• Fight and Might Quotient
• Sloppy-Clumsy Ratio
• Foolish-Intelligence Ratio
• Sociocratic Quotient.
De-Awesomifying agents : “Any human being or any entity which in any way prohibits your action of proceeding onward to perform an activity which you believe is significant in any possibly positive manner in any tiny tidbit of life and hence causes you to start thinking more clearly is known as a De-Awesomifying Agent”
Finally, I will now come to todays topic. 
The Third Law, also The Binary Belief Law

“The two effectors which bring about the birth of awesomeness in any Human Being are the face of awesome and de-awesomifying agents. These two may or may not be awesome, may or may not be living but will certainly instigate awesomeness” 
 The Face of Awesome is that “thing” which starts the Awesomifying process.
The Face of Awesome
It was one rainy day at twilight,
when my mind worked unusually bright
Arrogance and ego had taken me dead.
“You awful dumbo!” the people around said.
It was then. I took a leap of faith and held arrogance as bait,
when the devil, in pain, handed me to the devil’s true bane.
He was, both at mind and out handsome
because he was the face of Awesome.
 By Salmaaan Shah (True Story)
You now have the first three laws of awesomeness.
So Soon Then…


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