Moonbane – The Saviour

My best “Co-Man”  Mr. Emotional Numb Brain, also called The Mongoose Moonbane did a beautiful thing the other day.
It is a common play of the children in the villages of China and India to tie dead flying insects like dragonflies and butterflies to a piece of thread and run around.
I personally find it disgusting and cruel.
Here comes the story………….
It was after my last exam….Moonbane, Mr. Electric Livewire and I were walking down the road [or you know…it was up the road]. 
We passed a little kid of around 6 years playing with a dead butterfly. We chose a stone nearby and sat down.
We sat there for some time till… I saw the butterfly fly by itself. It was still alive.
Mr. Moonbane [i.e. Mr Emotional Numb Brain]  caught of the boy and started talking to him and urged him to let the insect go. The boy still continued playing with the butterfly.
The kid was from a poor family from the nearby Slum. So guess what Moonbane did??
  1. Push the kid down and “steal” the butterfly???
  2. Snatch the Insect with its string???
  3. Just walk away???
  4. Punish the boy ???
  5. Buy the Butterfly???
Mr. Moonbane offered the kid 5 Indian Bucks. The boy said “No”. The reply was the same for 10 Bucks. And guess what…he bought the dying butterfly for Rs. 50.
We gave the kid 50 bucks and the kid ran away happily. It was a green butterfly with black veins and black borders.
We took the the thread off. But the butterfly did not fly, because it could not fly, because its wings and body was hurt beyond repair. [Rescue a Butterfly??? Funny, na???😛 ]  
But the poor thing soon died. I thought “What a waste of 50 bucks” 
No not all.
It was Moonbane who taught me that no matter what, anything that has life is worth much beyond money.
Bless the Moonbane.
“Your Welcome Moony.

And thank you too.”
“No matter what, anything that has life is worth much beyond money”

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