Inner Beauty vs Outer Beauty

Lots of people have challenged me in my times. For Peace and for pieces.
But one thing has always angered me. They Criticize the WAR of making foolish statements. 
One of them, they claim is in regard with beauty.
The WAR has clearly stated that to attain Absolutity, you should be good looking. Very good looking. Like you know…like Robert Pattinson or  Katrina Kaif. 
The argument here is that Inner Beauty is more important than Outer Beauty.
Well the WAR has its own “Queries and Questions” Department. And when I put my questions, the reply came…. 
Inner beauty is not more important than Outer beauty.
Why??? Simple…because to attain Absolute Awesomeness, your Outer beauty is taken into count. and not the Inner beauty.
Also  because Inner Beauty, includes psychological factors such as personality, intelligence, grace, politeness, charisma, integrity, congruence and elegance etc.
Haven’t you ever come across simple-looking, down-to-earth people who impress upon, and look good to you, in the first very instance?
They are the ones who carry an inner, positive influence as a beautiful mark on their faces. 
In short, you can say that the goodness of the heart can be reflected out onto your body, designing your exterior outlook. 
So once again we know that whatever happens the WAR [World awesomeness Representatives] will always prove themselves to be right and true.
More Coming…

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