A Note to the Notorious Arguers

A number of people….no….a huge number of people feel that the interesting and nice things are awesome for some people and are not awesome for others.
Jeez…I am sorry to say that they are correct.
But, they yet don’t come to the higher state of thinking….to Absolutity….to 100 Oohs…This stage is….as you probably don’t understand….the highest of all stages and is the same for any entity. [speaking in a narrow view]
This is a narrow view because we do not see who/what these entities are….neither do we look at what they have achieved. We only see that they stand high above us in a charmingly beautiful museum of men.
This is as King Saloman once said
“100 Oohs is that one way ticket which will bring you to the peak of livelihood and humanhood where you will achieve everything you would like to achieve, not more nor less” 
From Post 1:- I am Awesome
This is “thinking in a narrow view” because we only know that all of them have achieved everything they need/want.
So, know that this 100 Oohs is same to all entities. 

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