The WAR has made one thing clear about shouting.
There are a limited number of people at whom you can shout.
  • In-Jail criminals.
  • Traitors
  • People you love i.e people you care about.
These people mentioned above can be shouted at
You shout at people you love only if they do not suffer from any type of mental/social injuries.
++Never shout at anybody before 2 PM.
This theory implies that you never shout at a person above you. [Like your boss or principal].
and Neither do you shout at anybody below you [Like the shopkeeper or the PA or the trash collector].
You shout only at people at your level.
++those unwanted antisocial elements who can not be kicked into the void. [Criminals and Traitors]
This might be very difficult for short tempered people. But its good.
and also Shouting before 2 PM spoils the whole day.
More Coming on 3rd Law of Awesomeness….


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