Scientific SMoron’s Human Periodics

My “Friend” Scientific SMoron, as I told, had his own methods to find friends.
His procedure was complex.
Step 1: Judge the available candidates.
Step 2: Put them under 
  1. Indies
  2. Holders
  3. Climbers
  4. Leechers
Step 3: Befriend the Indies and literally leech from them.
Now, lets get to the point.
Scientific SMoron’s Periodic Law states that the social and mental properties of the human beings in a group are the periodic functions of her/his personality.
Now, what are these 4 abstract terms???
  1. Indies: These people are the independent loners who rarely depend on others, but may be introverts. [Seems Weird, right???] [Usually Extroverts]
  2. Holders: These are those people who depend on others , but are also partly independent. They hold on to other people for their reputation.
  3. Climbers: These people are poor, pitiable people who hold onto other people and slowly build their reputation.
  4. Leechers: These people are puppet masters who manipulate situations cunningly and secretly up to a good [but false] reputation.
Mr. Scientific SMoron was a Leecher. 
More coming on 3rd Law of Awesomeness….

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