The Ooh Brew

There are a number of factors which can affect Your Ooh Constant
They are :
  • Fight and Might Quotient
  • Sloppy-Clumsy Ratio
  • Socio-Compatibility
  • Intelligence Quotient
  • Foolish-Intelligence Quotient
  • Good Looks Ratio
  • Sociocratic Quotient
  • Perfection of Action
Your Ooh Constant is judged by the WAR [World Awesomeness Representatives] under these criteria.
The Good ones are :
  • Socio-compatibility Quotient
  • Intelligence Quotient
  • Perfection of Action Ratio
  • Good Looks Ratio
The Bad ones are :
  • Fight and Might Quotient
  • Sloppy-Clumsy Ratio
  • Foolish-Intelligence Ratio
  • Sociocratic Quotient.
The most important of the 8 are Perfection of Action Ratio and Socio-compatibility Quotient. Any increase in these two Variables will bring up your Ooh Constant.
  • The Perfection of Action Ratio is the average number of times you succeed in doing what you are trying to do out of hundred. It is given by
    Number of successful attempts
Per One Hundred Attempts [In Average]
  • The Socio-Compatibility Quotient is a constant of how good you are in the public face, the people’s perception of you and how well you behave generally.
But these are just the nice sides. You have to see the bane of the brew. It is your Sociocratic Quotient.
The Sociocratic Quotient is the ultimate downer. It can drop you down from 90 Oohs to well below 50 Oohs.
Your Sociocratic Quotient is increased by your rudeness, your disability to be pleasant, your temper, and your disability to socialize and be friendly all the time.
I once knew this highly awesome person [I thought she was highly awesome]. Lot of other people told me that she had this antisocial attitude [which I did not see]. But then years later, I did see it and in my sense, her 88 Oohs became oooo Oohs. [That means Zero Oohs]  
A high Sociocratic Quotient in an Ooh Brew is like how cyanide is on a human tongue. Later on, the term “Scraweper” was created. [Sociocratic Awesome Person]   
“Any seemingly awesome being who seems really nice at all times will definitely show the Sociocrat in her/him [If she/he is sociocratic] at one time or the other. Such a person is a Scraweper.”

The Second Law of Aweomeness / The Ooh Brew Law states that
“The perfect brew for 100 Oohs is the combination of 10 drops each of 100% Social Compatibility Solution, Above 125 IQ Solution, 100% Perfection of Action Solution and Salmonella’s Good Looks Solution.”
This is the much awaited Ooh Brew Law.
The theory was formulated by Salmonellus Shaizun together with MAMA [Most Awesome Man Alive]  Award Winner Zikruwart.
It was later proved by a group of Scientists calling themselves “Oochemists” who worked on Experimental Awesomeness.

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