The Life Book

The WAR sometimes makes extremely senseless decisions, like prohibiting people from giving their children a step-parent [More on Steps later]. The same way, a few months ago the WAR, after a long tiresome shouting match within their secret headquarters [in Bangalore, India], came upon a decision to enforce the “The Life Book” on all aspiring candidates for the post of MAMA [Most Awesome Man Alive].
The Life Book is like a biographical diary along with a personal rule book called ” The Decretum”. It is required of every aspiring candidate to write in a book all his deepest aspirations, wishes, past stories, short descriptions of people he loves, things he wants to remember all his life + a long/short list of rules which he shall follow all his life.
“The Life Book is an awe-tical tool required by every candidate of the MAMA, which helps  in accelerating the process of awesomification”       
The Decretum is a set of rules either made or compiled or made and compiled by an individual for his benefit. Once a man has written his decretum, he should take an oath promising to follow the rules he has written down. The Decretum is similar to a Code of Honour.
The Life Book is a name given to wide variety of written manuscripts. The Life Book concept has come down history since a long time.
The first records of such a manuscript is the diary of Marcus Aurelius from the Second Century AD. From then till the Renaissance, the concept of such a tool kept improving.
From the Renaissance on, some individuals wanted not only to record events, as in medieval chronicles and itineraries, but also to put down their own opinions and express their hopes and fears,
This was the primitive type for The Life Book. On and On The Life Book was further developed by the WAR.
The Second law of Awesomeness coming Soon…

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