The Best Summer Ever

My Grade 10 is soon getting over and my friends and I are planning to spend as much as time as possible together. And have the best and Most awesome summer ever [Till Now]. 
What we are first going to do is Walk. Walk from our classmate’s house in Konunkunte till My house around 7 KM on road [directly], but around 10 KM on the route Mr. Live Wire and I are going to walk. 
My friend Mr. Soccer Scientist is a great soccer player. And all he wants to do till his junior college starts on 24th April is play soccer. But I spiced up his 23 days by adding a Boys Computer Gaming Competion [BCGC] in which we play 3 good games.
NFS Most Wanted and Fifa 09 and Something Else [I have not decided].
Plus we also spend some time In Book Stores [buying and reading]
You see, Mr Soccer Scientist needs to be spontaneous and always in action. He does not do “Watch the fishes skimming the water on a lazy summer afternoon.”
I decided to monumentalize the events of the summer into one 20 minute Music Video.
And I came up with this idea of a “Yes-Side Man” 
“A Yes-Side Man is a person who shall always stay faithful to his co-Yes-Side man and always give an answer of “YES” to any offer made by his co-Yes-Side man” when he/she [the co-Yes-Side man] means the best for the duo.”
Visit for the application form format.
Every human being who has achieved to get a Yes Side Man is entitled to follow the “Codex of Yes”. 
I have never had a good summer till now. I always found them boring but now…
I’d say Aloha to a lot of lemon juice, sandwiches, dark creepy unknown streets and plenty of disgusting food in many unknown but pleasant restaurants. But I clearly would not miss out on some movies like Clash of the Titans or Aptha Rakshaka or The Lightning Thief or Iron Man 2.

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