Sweet Summer Sweat

What do I do every summer??? Till Now…Nothing….but this summer I am going to do something different. Something which is against my type of doing. That is Hang-Out. I never hang out with riends or family cause I found it very, very Un-Salish.
But I will tell you what to do….  
  • Keep yourselves outdoors. Shut the Idiot Box, get into some cool cloths, grab some lemon juice[or Butter Milk] , jump onto your sandals and move out.
  • Stay Cool both at mind and out. Stay Cool and calm all the time and try to give a reply of “Yes!” when somebody proposes a hang out idea. And keep your body cool. Have some Butter Milk or Lemon Juice.
  • Try some new restaurants and find a hang out place. Try some new food and take a look at those dark alleys
  • Try to find your hidden talent. Try to do something new like hmm….try the harmonium or learn to repair old electronics.
  • Sleep Out in the open once or twice. Take the old, unused sleeping bags and try sleeping out in the open.
  • Do what you have wanted to do since a long time. Like hmm…run uninvited into some party or skateboard backward all down the long lane or get caught climbing a tree in the garden of a recluse.
  • Spend some time doing something alone. Like hmm…Write a story or Read the Bhagavat Gita or the Koran or cook for other people.
  •  Spend some time playing your favourite sport with your friends. Your friends don’t want to see you as a 110 kg rolling drum of flesh and fat. Get out and make your hands and legs of some use.
  • Get to know people you have met and think are interesting, but you don’t know them. 


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