The Tales of the three Tomfools

De-Awesomifying Agents are defined as
“Any human being or any entity which in any way prohibits your action of proceeding onward to perform an activity which you believe is significant in any possibly positive manner in any tiny tidbit of life and hence causes you to start thinking more clearly is known as a De-Awesomifying Agent”
Believe it or Not, I was not always as awesome as I am today.
It was 2007. I had just jumped over the Grade 6 turnstile and I had just moved into the age of arrogance. It was then when a classmate of mine, Mr. No Nonsense had also moved into the same zone.
I was the soft-hearted and good but arrogant boy. And Mr No Nonsense was the stone-hearted bully. This fellow came into my line of flight every time I launched my XLR8-2-XLNCe missile. [Accelerate to Excellence]. Such instances always led to fights and arguments between us. It lead to anger, but as I got used to it, I started to look (think) through clear sky over the boiling sea of rage.
Both of us got over it two years later and then we became better mates.
But then I met Mr All Nonsense.  In 2008-2009, I had just found my best friend, Jonathan.
Mr. All Nonsense was new to the school, so as was our nature, Jonathan and I helped him to live in this new school. But then later in 2008, I realized that I was being edged out by Mr. All Nonsense. Soon, Jonathan who was a nice and kind boy had changed and was caught every now and then bunking classes and breaking many school rules. He was eventually kicked out of School with Mr. All Nonsense. I lost my best friend to nothing. I was heart-broken.
This was when I got 100% visibility from my jet. I had made my decision that I would change myself whichever way Nature and Myself wished. I decided to design my life to overcome all past blue blots and all other forms of hindrance. 
But, the story was not over. My age of arrogance started in 2006 June and its first part ended around 2009 April. I spent the rest of the summer learning to live life to its full extent.
My final year at school started yet again on June 1st 2009. It was on this day that I met Mr. Scientific SMoron. I then called him one of the most awesome people I have ever met. He was intelligent, friendly, funny and lots more. I naturally found a friend in him.
Slowly, his dark side revealed and it was not very bad. This fellow gave me the strength I needed. I helped him and he helped me. His incy wincy dark side made him a Moron. And the fact this dark side was not widely shown made him a Secret Moron [SMoron]. Everybody seemed to like this newcomer.
I liked this guy very much because, he opened this white mist around me, which helped me see clearly and others too look at me clearly. I hated him for the same reason. Then, while I was with him, I moved from the dark, dingy corner of reserved loneliness to somewhere out in the locus of the centers of attraction.
He seemed to have preferences to whom he befriended…Mr. Emotional Numb Brain, Miss. Supernaturally Awesome. Mr Scientific SMoron soon turned out to be annoying and irritating but still very interactive and enthusiastic. He seemed to be mingling with no one but all were under his spell. Especially the three people he talked too most….Myself, Mr Emotional Numb Brain and Miss Supernaturally Awesome. These two were a few of my 4 best friends. He was extremely influential.
and then BAM all over again….I felt as if I was being edged out. I hated that stupid SMoron more than I ever hated anybody else. But I had learnt a lot since last time.
This time I became the SMoron. I dominated over all and Mr Scientific SMoron. I did what I had to do. Mr Scientific SMoron always told me that I was too kind and that I had to be more mean and evil. I did just what he told me to “be evil”.
I used my inborn talent of acting and pretending, against him and then within some time my bullet train came on track. I was on my way to awesomeness.
More coming on “Arrogance to Awesomeness Transition” [AT&T]. 

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