The So Called De-Awesomifying Agents

A few days ago I discovered something. A specific something of great influential importance.
No matter how much you try to be awesome, there is always one or the other source for
For Example
  • Galileo Galilee vs. The Catholic Church
  • Mahatma Gandhi vs. The British Empire
  • Harry Potter vs. Professor Umbridge
  • Kannagi vs. Maharani Koperindevi
  • Julius Caesar vs. Gaius Cassius
  • Kerlon vs. Opponents’ Mockings 
As one tries to push awesomeness into reality, there is always another opposite force pushing against us. [Newton’s 3rd law of Motion] 
This is what we usually understand when we try to be awesome. We understand that somebody or something is proving to be a hindrance when we push. 
No! What actually is happening is 
“When an actor exerts a certain amount of awesome Oohs on reality, a reactor exerts the same amount of reality unto Awesomeness, which thereby brings a heightened possibility of a blissful eventuality of a 100 Awesome Oohs by helping to blend the awesomeness and reality into one and the other double fold”
Yes! The hindrance is helping. The trick is to work hard and then harder and then gain motivation from your so called opponents. 
This is Zikruwart’s First Law of Awesomeness.
Zikruwart is a fictional Scientist working in the WAR. [Refer Post 1]. He holds Doctorate degrees in various fields of Absolute Awesome Rewards for Men Sciences. [ARMS]. He has also achieved various astounding results while experimenting Awetitude Radiology and he is also credited for the discovery of many Physical forces such as Inter-Awesomic Forces of Attraction and Oohma Rays. He has also won various international awards such as ” Most Awesome Man Alive 1989 [MAMA]” and “Oohaw award for Highest record of significant research in Human and Inhuman Awetitude 2010”
All the people mentioned above used the criticism and mocks as positive energy to fuel their body for further advancement in life in order to achieve what they wanted and what they needed to.
My Own Story Coming Soon…….. 

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