I am Awe….pause for the applause….some….Awesome.

So Ppl…..This is Salmaaan Shah and do notice the three ‘A’s.
This is me on my quest  to awesomeness.
Absolute Awesomeness that is 100% Awesome is everybody’s goal. Some people fight for it. Some wait for it. Some just have it. Some fail, but publish their fake awesomeness. Their journeys are usually as boring as a normal day with not many “to be legend” tales.
But mesa ’bout ta make ma journey L….E….gendary.
So Ppl..Know That “I am Awe…..pause for the applause…..some…Awesome.  
Everybody can proclaim that they are awesome. For instance, take me.
I can say “I am awe…”
[More further down] 
I find that our world is deficient of an SI unit for Awesomeness. We cant always go on using terms like 70 % awesome etc. So I called for the World Awesomeness Representatives [WAR], to confer upon us human beings, a Standard International Unit. And presto! I got it…Oohs.
” 1 Ooh is the value of awesomeness hundred times of which is the maximum value of awesome any human being can become. ”   
SI Unit : Ooh
Origin : The constant scream of Ooooohs by the feminine variety of the human beings                                      species [Homo Sapiens] when she happens upon any entity, which may or                                may not contain a special privilege of being able to live life, but still withholds                            a rare gift of being able to be awesome.
Usage :
  • That painting is so awesome, I could rate it 99 Oohs. 
  • I am awesome but not as awesome as Aamir Khan. I am only 70 Oohs.
  • Wow! That gal has got to be at least a 90 Ooher [Ooh-er] 
  • Woah! Woah! That coffee is the second best coffee ever made and is 80 Oohs.
Date of Coinage : Jan 12, Tuesday. 2010
Being Absolute Awesome with 100 Oohs is most men’s dream and very few get to be absolute awesome. Being this person with 100 Oohs is like being one of a few
[actually many] specimens in a museum of men. You get to be role models in every walk and every station of life.
100 Oohs is that one way ticket which will bring you to the peak of livelihood and humanhood where you will achieve everything you would like to achieve, not more nor less and that is when you can look down upon everybody, every-single-body else and proclaim “……some….Awesome” .    [See http://salmaaanscroll.webs.com/oolosophies.htm ]    

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